KBH Campus Expansion Construction Update for the Week of 3/13/2023

Martin Jahn Nursing Pavilion

  • 95% completion paperwork went to IDPH last week!
  • Furnishings will be delivered this week.
  • Pepper will be working with KBH to train us on all the new systems and equipment that was put in place.
  • Pepper continues to work on the punch list of items and hopes to be complete by tomorrow.
  • Room number and directional signs are on order and will be installed around March 15th. The NAMING signs will come in sometime after that.
  • Next, Pepper will start on the remodel project of the clinic area and upstairs of the original Health Care area. This is planned to start the week of March 20th.
  • Landscaping and irrigation will be worked on over the upcoming couple of months.

The Gardens

  • Cerami is busy forming the foundation walls on the southeast corner parking lot. All foundations walls should be finished mid-week.
  • They will next work on the slab on grade in the middle of the parking lot to develop the support structure for the 16” deck above the garage. This deck is the ceiling of the garage / floor of the Garden level. They will pour about 450 yards for this deck, with about 50 trucks coming in and out to complete this work around March 28th.
  • North side slab on grade is complete.

The Reception Desk on the garden level at the Martin Jahn Nursing Pavilion. A receptionist will be located at the entrance of the Pavilion to welcome family members and other guests.

One of the “Mom’s Kitchens” in the Pavilion. There will be a kitchen like this on each floor which will be used for group culinary projects as the main KBH kitchen will provide meals to residents in the pavilion.