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Charitable Support

Welcome to King-Bruwaert House’s Online Giving Portal. You may choose to make your gift to any of the Funds listed below. Upon making a gift, your tax receipt will be sent immediately to your email, and no further copy will be mailed. For additional giving questions and Fund options, please contact Andy Beltz, at or (630) 230-9520.


Donations to King-Bruwaert House support the following:

  • Annual Fund to Support Operations
  • Gifts in Memory of Loved Ones
  • Landscape Enhancement Projects
  • Life Enrichment Programs and Services
  • Support of those who have outlived their assets (Benevolence)
  • Special Projects or Programs when needed
  • Healthcare Expansion and Renovation Campaign – “Building the Future of Healthcare”
  • New equipment and furnishings for the new Healthcare Wing
  • Supporting the Endowment to benefit future generations

Why is Charitable Support Important?

Charitable support is needed because we have a charitable mission. Senior living centers in the United States are usually set up under a tax classification as either a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, or as a for-profit corporation. Since opening in 1933, through a charitable bequest from the estate of Suzanne King-Bruwaert, we have operated as a charitable organization. Generous donations over several generations have served a vital purpose in supporting our work.

Being a charitable organization means that we serve our charitable mission, rather than seeking a return for shareholders. This service to our stakeholders rather than shareholders differentiates King-Bruwaert House from many other senior residential and skilled nursing facilities. In our fiscal model, donations over the years have helped us build on the endowment received from Suzanne King-Bruwaert. Use of these funds help us keep our prices competitive by funding a portion of our operations and to make new programs and opportunities available. Also, nearly $1 million annually is used to cover the costs for residents who have outlived their resources under our LifeCare Benefit promise. These funds will also help us move forward with our Health Care Annex expansion and renovation, which might not have been possible otherwise. All of these comprise our charitable mission.

Over many year, annual gifts, special gifts, and estate gifts, have allowed our Board of Directors to prioritize and advance many important projects that have enhanced the lifestyle and quality of care for our residents. Our Donors have formed a partnership with our residents, to make sure that quality of life and care remains at the highest levels people have come to expect at KBH. Those who have notified us of inclusion in their estate plans become part of our Suzanne King-Bruwaert Legacy Society. Those who make annual gifts of significance are invited to our biannual elegant Suzanne King-Bruwaert Legacy Society dinner to recognize their partnership and leadership through these voluntary contributions to our community.

There are many ways that gifts can be made beyond our Annual Fund. Some options require working with family members and professional advisors, and we are prepared to work with you in making a current or future plan for your giving. We do so under the auspices of being a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization recognized by the IRS, with gifts made to King-Bruwaert House being fully tax-deductible as allowed by law. For more information, contact Andy Beltz – at (630) 230-9520.

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We encourage you to learn more about our growing community using the variety of documents available below. Please reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.

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