When RN Maureen Klimek was promoted to Assisted Living Supervisor with an office in Suzanne’s Place, she also continued an important part of her nursing philosophy.  “I wanted to keep the connection with our residents and families,” she said. “That is so important to me. My strength is in being connected to them.” Maureen brings experience, knowledge, and leadership to her nursing role. In August,  she celebrates  her 23rd year  at KBH, a workplace she refers to as “truly amazing.” Last November, she became recertified in geriatrics, a professional designation she has earned and maintained for 20 years.  The certification requires her to complete 150 education hours every five  years. “My ongoing education helps me to stay fresh and on top of my profession, I’m also fortunate that KBH  helps and sponsors us with these educational pursuits.”

Maureen  takes great pride in serving as Chairman of the KBH Fall Committee. Every year  she collaborates  with Fall Committee members to plan an annual prevention program that highlights safety and information. One of Maureen’s favorite  reminders to her residents is “Call, don’t fall.” We want to make sure that our residents are as safe as possible. It comes down to education, awareness, and doing everything we can to save lives. Mortality rates can be high among seniors who fall. We want to alert them to available or adaptive equipment, safe practices with clothing and shoes, avoiding room obstacles or slippery surfaces, and anything that will prevent a fall or accident. This is all tried but true. We know that education is important.”

Maureen’s husband, Gene, and her two sons, John and Thomas, are often seen walking and enjoying our grounds. John,  a Hinsdale Central High School  football  player, recently was recognized with a high school character award. Thomas, an Elm School     student, has artistic leanings and makes his parents proud with his many creations. Maureen, John, and Thomas stay active with  Pokemon  Go, a mobile iphone game which keeps the family bonded and connected as they enjoy time together.     The years have passed quickly for Maureen who has watched so much progress at KBH. She is happy to be part of  the KBH family. “This is my home away from home,” she said. “This is where I was meant to be.”