Rodel Villabroza recalls the day he learned KBH was hiring and was enthused about applying for a Housekeeping position. He came in, made the inquiry, completed an application and was soon hired. How quickly the years have passed since March 27, 1990 when Rodel began his journey with KBH. Today he remains as content as the day he started. “KB offers a good working environment,” he said. “I’ve been very happy here.” In the span of 33 years, Rodel has worked with five Housekeeping supervisors. He has also encouraged many other family members to become part of the KBH family including his late brother, Nestor, and his wife, Sonia; his sister, CNA Chris Sernadilla, as well as Christine, Melissa and Michelle Sernadilla in nursing; his daughter, Maridel in nursing; and his wife, Marilou, in Housekeeping. Emira Omerovic serves as Director and in her absence, Rodel steps in as Acting Assistant. He takes his role seriously and is proud of his responsiveness to all Housekeeping needs. “We clean rooms and common areas, clean carpets, and assist residents with moves. We also assist with any emergencies that may come up.” Flexibility is important for Housekeeping staff and Rodel said it is helpful to work cooperatively with other KBH departments. “Our objective is to serve the residents,” Rodel said. “Working together really helps.” Rodel is an avid gardener and enjoys growing vegetables that he uses when preparing delicious Filipino recipes. Another interest is cooking and he favors adobo, considered by many to be the national dish of the Philippines. During vacations, Rodel and his wife head back to the Philippines to visit siblings and friends. They typically stay with family for about three weeks. While it’s always wonderful to visit family and tour different places in the Philippines, it’s also great to return to the U.S. where Rodel’s family circle has been established for many years. KBH has certainly been part of that family focus. “I like everything at KB,” Rodel said. “I like the people I work with, especially my supervisor,” he said. “It’s a nice place to work.”