The remodel of the area that used to house Health Care, and the floor below it, is moving forward with much demolition. It is expected for Duly Heath & Care to move back into their original space in September. The total remodel is planned to be finished between the end of October-early November.

Over at The Gardens, floor decking is being placed on the top level and the concrete floor should be poured on Tuesday, 7/18. It will cure for a week and then they will start the roof joists which should be up by the end of July. Next, decking for a temporary roof should be up by the end of August.

The connecting hallway between the Manor Home and The Gardens will begin this week. On Thursday, a temporary wall will be placed at all openings (lower level, and 1st & 2nd floors) of the stairwell that is outside of the Movie Theater, Bistro/Founders Room, and Rose Wing. Pepper will work on the temporary wall for a couple days which will then be followed by several weeks of demolition and infrastructure work. All travel will have to be done via the elevator closest to the main dining room. Employees going on break will have to use the elevator or the stairs by the kitchen to get to the lower level.

Enjoy summer!
Terri Bowen, CEO