The famous Lite-Brite toy, invented and created by Godair Park and Burr Ridge resident Burt Meyer and two professional partners, was inducted mid-November into the National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester, NY. The 2022 honor recognizes toys that have inspired creative play and have been popular for many years. The Toy Hall of Fame is located in the Strong National Museum of Play located in Rochester, NY.

The origin of Lite-Brite dates back to 1966 when Meyer joined his colleagues for a visit to New York City to attend the annual Toy Fair. As the men were casually walking along the famous Fifth Ave., they spotted a large building that featured an enormous display of bright and colorful light bulbs that were truly impressive. The men stared at the configuration of lights and immediately came up with an idea to create a toy that would replicate the colorful images they saw. The concept toy would feature small, brightly-colored lights that would be inserted into a panel to feature a variety of artistic patterns.

Not long after returning from New York, Meyer was able to finalize a prototype toy that headed to Hasbro for eventual manufacturing. Once released to the market, Lite-Brite enjoyed immediate success and continues to be recognized as one of the most unique and popular toys ever introduced.

A true adventurist throughout the years, Meyer has experienced an abundance of personal and professional accomplishments as a pilot, cyclist, cross country skier, fisherman, and worldwide traveler. He looks back on a full and wonderful life that also brought much joy to generations of children who grew up with Lite-Brite, as well as other unique toys that he created.

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