One of the benefits of retirement is the freedom of embracing a new season in your life without a rigorous schedule where daily work duties may have consumed a lot of your time. With more time on your hands, you can enjoy new activities, do some traveling, start a hobby, engage with family, and much more. This well-deserved extra time is wonderful, but it can be an adjustment for some seniors who are used to the structure, productivity, and social interaction that came with a consistent work schedule. If that’s the case, consider these five benefits of volunteering where your time, talents, skills, and experiences can be invaluable resources to others who need assistance. 

Keeps Physical Health in Check

You may not think of it as exercise, but volunteering can actually be great for your physical health! Even light activity, such as walking or gardening, can help reduce the risk of arthritis, heart disease, and other potential health issues.

Amps Up Mental Health

Volunteering also has a positive impact on your mental health by helping reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Giving back via volunteer efforts can serve as a great way to boost cognitive clarity just by giving back.

Creates a Sense of Purpose

For many seniors, retirement can create a trap of boredom and isolation. Volunteering offers a chance to get out of the house, meet new people, lend your expertise, and feel needed and valuable.

Connects You to Community

When retirement hits, it can be a natural segue to pull back from activities that once connected you to a sense of community. Volunteering gives you a chance to continue nurturing that connection in more meaningful ways.

Great for the Brain

Seniors who volunteer may experience a lower risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. With new challenges, stimulating social interaction, and a sense of purpose, volunteering can help keep the mind sharp as you age.

Next Steps

Volunteering has endless health benefits for your mind, body, and soul. If you’re wondering how to stay active and engaged in your retirement years, look no further than your local community. Remember, life doesn’t have to stop after retirement — in fact, your best years are just beginning! Whether looking to give back to your community or finding selfless ways to stay active and healthy, volunteering is an excellent way to accomplish that.

If you live in Burr Ridge or the surrounding area and are looking for volunteer opportunities, we welcome your interest at our Life Plan Community. For more information, please call (630) 323-2250.