As adults age, there comes a time when special consideration needs to be given to planning for the future and what that adventure looks like. Your retirement is an exciting new chapter — a well-deserved time to enjoy new activities, travel, meet new people, and much more during the best years of your life. A large factor on this new journey is knowing whether moving to a senior living community is the right choice for you, or even possibly a loved one. It’s a key decision where a number of things need to be considered, such as the right steps to take and how it can benefit you.

Is It Time to Move?

It’s important to note there is no right time to consider a senior living community that applies to everyone across the board. However, one key sign to keep in mind is if you’re beginning to feel the burden of living alone and maintaining your household. Aging adults may prefer the simplified lifestyle and convenience offered at Life Plan Communities that provide a flourishing, maintenance-free lifestyle with a continuum of care in place should it ever be needed.

The Benefits You Want

If you’re thinking of moving to a senior community, there’s a strong three-fold benefit that can complement your life:

Social Life

Older adults are at greater risk for loneliness and social isolation, but communities for 55 and up provide a robust environment of activities and numerous opportunities to enhance your social interaction. This allows you to meet new people and gain a supportive network of friends. And with retirement communities offering a variety of residential options, living on campus only strengthens your network and offers an abundance of amenities to enjoy.

Maintenance and Upkeep

The maintenance of a household requires a lot of time and energy, and you may be approaching a season where you’d rather someone else handle all these details while you appreciate life to its fullest. Moving to a senior living community allows you to leave these maintenance chores to trusted staff, so you can spend more time doing the things you love, such as exploring new hobbies and having fun socializing.

Peace of Mind

Whether you’re interested in a community that offers independent living or assisted living, the perk of a Life Plan Community is the security of peace of mind. This type of retirement community offers residents the benefit of living well within a vital and socially active community, along with the promise of care if and when those services are needed. During emergencies or challenging situations, or a life change in your health, it can be reassuring to know there is a solid plan in place and that you will be taken care of with quality and dignity, no matter your wellness situation. With a Life Plan Community, you have a built-in community of caring staff ready to help whenever needed — a peace of mind that is priceless.

Elegant Life Plan Community at King-Bruwaert House

For 90 years, King-Bruwaert House has served aging adults as the premier senior living option in Burr Ridge, Illinois, and the surrounding area. Our beautiful 35-acre campus is world-renowned as one of the best places to retire due to our first-class amenities, holistic approach to wellness, upscale lifestyle, residential options, and so much more. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit, please call us at (630) 323-2250.