After years of planning, steady progress is now under way on the construction of a new 28-bed skilled nursing center at King-Bruwaert House in Burr Ridge. Crews recently poured a massive foundation floor from which the two-level center is now being framed and constructed to coordinate with the existing character of the campus. The new Health Care neighborhood will consist of two 14-bed wings with spacious private rooms, bathrooms, and showers. A private, centralized shower will also be available on each floor. Residents will enjoy scenic views from double windows in each room. Room locations in each of the two wings will overlook KLM Park to the north, our new Gardens of King-Bruwaert House residential area to the south, and a multitude of scenic campus views. In the Garden level, an enclosed patio will be enjoyed by residents during the seasons. This area will also be accessible to a walking path leading to an annual/perennial garden. A first-floor feature will include an enclosed balcony for residents to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Additional highlights for both levels include visitor rooms for private meetings, activity rooms, separate living and dining rooms, and convenient multi-service kitchens. A nurse’s lounge will also accommodate staff on both levels. A nurse’s administrative station will be centrally located on each floor adjacent to medical care and supply stations, as well as medical records and technology. Decorative enhancements will include all new furnishings and modern artwork in neutral, pleasing colors that will characterize the two new Health Care neighborhoods. For the convenience of all skilled nursing residents, a geriatric medical clinic, dental office, beauty salon and physical therapy center will be located within the two levels for easy access and use. A new, expanded spa with massage therapy and other services will be located in the fitness center of the neighboring Gardens of King-Bruwaert House residential area.

“We have been planning this project for many years and its state-of-the-art design and abundance of new features promise to make this an outstanding addition to our continuum of care,” said CEO Terri Bowen. “We expect this construction plan to take about a year to finalize and we are looking forward to its completion so that we can continue our exceptional care and services in a highly advanced setting for our skilled nursing residents and staff.”