Current, future, and prospective residents of KBH turn out en masse for Mixology events hosted by Yogi Patel. With his Whisky Tasting and History, Holiday Cocktails, and Tequila Talks, Yogi brings his knowledge, passion, and light-hearted approach to the delight of those at KBH. Mixology, defined as the skill of mixing cocktails and other drinks, is a skill that Yogi turned into an opportunity to partner with KBH’s Life Enrichment and Marketing teams to provide alternative programs that were not typically on the events calendar.

At KBH, Yogi is known as a great volunteer, but at home he is better known as husband to CEO, Terri Bowen. “Yogi first volunteered at one of our Garden Parties, but it just made sense for him to continue volunteering in a way which he could share one of the many things he is good at and in a way that the residents would find fun,” Bowen shared. “He loves his time spent at KBH, and we know the residents do too, as they are always asking him to provide new and exciting mixology classes.”

Yogi’s history of providing service to others began early in his professional career. As lead teacher at a school for children with developmental disabilities, his empathetic and compassionate nature flourished. It was there that he started and led a program in which the students would make lunches and make them available to employees throughout the larger organization. “The lunch program was a fun way for us to not only teach the students life skills, but it was also a fundraising tool in which we could contribute to field trip opportunities.” Yogi added, “everyone loved the lunches from students, to staff, to family members.”

Patel is somewhat of a renaissance man as his educational and professional background is varied and extensive. He graduated with a BS in Biology from Benedictine University and then completed an MBA with a focus on Finance and Marketing from DePaul. Outside of working in the non-profit world, he is also an entrepreneur as he started and ran an interior remodeling company and currently works for himself in the finance sector. He is a life-long learner as many of his skills are self-taught. “When I find something of interest I enjoy learning as much as possible about the subject,” Yogi stated. “Mixology is one of those things and it is a fun way to bring people together. I am happy to do this in our home, at parties, and for KBH.”

If you have the opportunity to attend one of his classes-do not miss it! As one of the KBH residents stated, “Yogi is awesome, his classes are fun, and tasting the different libations are just an added bonus!”