Over at The Gardens, structural iron work continues to pave the way for installation of wall panels which will start to be delivered on Wednesday, May 31st. A large crane will be placed at Pheasant Hollow by Dragonfly Lane during the day on Thursday. There will be someone directing traffic, and we will not need to open the emergency gate as traffic will be able to get around the crane located at the south side of The Gardens. After the walls are in place, decking of the 1st floor will happen and next will be the pouring of concrete for that floor in approximately 2-3 weeks, towards the end of June.

Additional construction at the campus includes finishing the curbs for the roadway, working on bringing the road around the maintenance building with asphalt, and excavation of the pond closest to maintenance. The trench drain on the north side of the building, by Suzanne’s Place, has been installed.

First piece of structural iron being set in place on May 16th.

Rapid progress on ironwork in just one week as this picture is from May 24th.