KBH Campus Expansion Construction Update for the Week of 3/6/2023

Martin Jahn Nursing Pavilion

  • Pepper will complete a construction clean this week.
  • Emira Omerovic, KBH Director of Housekeeping is heading up a team of 9 staff to complete a sanitizing clean in a couple of weeks.
  • Professional window cleaners will clean the inside and outside of all windows.
  • Maintenance is moving in the new beds that were held in storage to match new ones that Direct Supply are bringing.
  • Landscaping is planned to start at the end of March/beginning of April.
  • Village and Fire Department inspections were completed last week, and the elevator inspection is complete.
  • IDPH paperwork is being sent out on March 8th.
  • Kitchen appliances are now installed.
  • Furniture and window treatments will be installed next week.

The Gardens

  • 91 yards of concrete were poured last Wednesday.
  • Monday and Tuesday of this week will see 200 yards more.
  • Concrete pours will continue through the month of March.

South side of The Gardens Framing and pouring of concrete is taking place on one of the elevator bays. More concrete will be poured to finish the garage / foundation walls and also more of the south wing.

  North side of The Gardens The north side of the garage is prepped for the floor concrete to be poured. The blue material around the foundation wall is for waterproofing.