KBH Construction Update

KBH Campus Expansion Construction Update for the Week of 3/27/2023

Martin Jahn Nursing Pavilion

  • Keys have been turned over to KBH! Tours will continue to occur with one taking place today, Monday March 27th at 2:00pm and tomorrow, Tuesday March 28th at 1:00pm. Sign up with Deb Scinto (630/230-9505 / debras@kbhouse.org) or with the Receptionist.
  • Pepper is pulling together the Owner’s Manual for the building and will set up training for staff on all of the new systems/technology that was installed.
  • Window treatments should be installed within the next week.
  • Room signs were installed 3/23-24. We still have a few weeks until we receive all signs with donor’s names. Once received, those will be hung in their designated areas.
  • Pepper is working on the landscaping. Dirt is being laid down and the larger trees and bushes will be installed. Later in the season we will add the smaller plants and flowers.

The Gardens

  • The concrete has all been poured for the walls and support posts for the garage. The slab on grade for the south part of the garage was finished last week, and the crew continues to prep for the 16” pour which will act as the garage roof.
  • There will be a 450 yard pour later next week. This is where we will see about 50 trucks moving in/out of the area.
  • **Important Construction Update** The original date for a structural concrete slab pour for The Gardens was intended for this Friday, 3/31. Due to rain in the forecast, the pour has been moved to Monday, 4/3. Due to the amount of concrete that will be poured the crew will be onsite before 7:00 am so that they can have crew and concrete pump in place to start pouring at 7:00 am. They plan to be finished between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm. This will have the community seeing more than usual truck traffic on 4/3 so plan accordingly. Thank you for your patience and flexibility. Please call Paul Stech with any questions at 630.230.9575
  • Pepper expects to see the concrete work finish up around the end of April at which time the garage will be done and they can focus on the perimeter walls.


  • When some of our residents in skilled nursing are moved over to the pavilion, work will begin on the remodel of the area between the pavilion and the Manor Home. There are some small pieces that can be worked on now, but most of the work has to be done once that part of the building is cleared out.
  • Around mid-April, Pepper will move Duly Health & Wellness over to the old DPT area and get to the bulk of the work.
  • These renovations will take 4-6 months.

Furniture is all in at the Martin Jahn Nursing Pavilion. Common spaces, like this living room, are designed to promote community with our residents, family and friends. Resident rooms also are furnished with a bed, wardrobe with a TV, chair and side table.

The construction crew is busy creating the form which will hold the 16” of concrete between the garage and Garden Level at The Gardens. This view is taken from  south of the pavilion.