Since opening in 1933, KBH’s mission has been to provide personalized, compassionate residential care and services to seniors of our community. The look of our campus and the scope of these services have changed dramatically over the past nine decades, but our priority to provide unsurpassed levels of care has remained unchanged. It has been the strength of our Endowment, and support of generous donors, which have allowed us to continue providing this care and make innovative and important changes.

This is a historic time for KBH, as construction is well underway for our new skilled nursing pavilion that will be ready to house residents early this year. Also, construction is underway for the Gardens of KBH to begin rising behind the Manor Home to create Independent Living apartments for new residents next year. Such a vision wouldn’t be possible without the support received from so many over the years. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, we are fortunate to have so many over the generations who have been our partners in this work.

We know you have many choices of where to direct your charitable giving and want you to know ways that you can impact this ongoing work. Gifts to our Year End Appeal help fund our daily operations, ensuring the quality of care and programs continue at the levels people have come to expect at KBH. Contributing to the “Building the Future of Healthcare” Fund helps reduce the amount we need to use from our Endowment, protecting and preserving it for the generations that will follow us.

We hope you have come to appreciate what KBH provides to seniors in Chicagoland, and that by providing a gift will allow us to continue work towards our mission. As always, we are deeply appreciative of all the funding our donors have provided over these generations. Whether you are motivated by your experience of the care provided to a loved one or ensuring that a quality option for senior living remains in our community, your gift impacts the lives of those we serve. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

To partner with us in “Building the Future of Healthcare”, please click on the link below.